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Why Trendreport Education?

Education is changing all over the world. We collect exciting educational approaches for the Trend Report from around the world in fields ranging from nursery education to academies for senior citizens. We then analyse the strategies applied in these fields to see whether they have similarities. You can find the results under TRENDS, and learn more about the individual projects under CASES.

This is only the beginning. The Trend Report Education is continuously evolving as new projects lead to the emergence of new trends. If you have heard about any other exciting educational projects, we would be very happy to hear about them.


TREND: Self-organised learning

Imagine if when we went to work every morning, we walked into a room full of people who just happened to be the same age as us…  read more

TREND: Learning to be

Why do exam results say so little about learners’ subsequent successes? Because exam results only provide a reflection of a tiny range of skills such as a person’s knowledge of a given system…  read more

TREND: Learning in life

Many things cannot be learned in classrooms. ‘Real life’ provides a better setting to learn aspects such as how to deal with the unexpected, …  read more

TREND: Community as a learning expirience

In our daily and working lives, we are expected to work in teams, solve problems together, commit ourselves to global solutions, motivate and organise ourselves… read more

TREND: Gamification

Play is enjoyable – learning is boring! But does it really have to be like this? And, is it not possible to play while learning? …  read more

TREND: Open learning

Day-to-day education fails to provide the necessary room for many exciting things that we can learn. How then can we fit these activities into our routines? …  read more

TREND: Dual education 3.0

First we learn, then we work; first, we acquire as much knowledge as possible, then we apply it. This seems to be the typical way in which learning is conducted within our educational system…  read more

TREND: Change Making

Humanity is facing global challenges. Climate change, war, economic crisis, poverty and inadequate health care in many areas of the world require new and innovative approaches, and it is becoming increasingly clear that solutions to these challenges cannot be left to the public authorities alone… read more

TREND: Education for all

Every child should go to school, and anyone who wants to, and who is prepared to commit themselves to the work involved, should be able to study. This principle should apply throughout the world..  read more

TREND: Big Data in education

What if teachers only needed to press a button in order to find out in which areas their learners needed support, the tasks that were causing them difficulties, and those that they had already understood? … read more

TREND: From online information to online learning

No matter which subject learners are interested in they can be sure to find hundreds of texts and videos about it on the internet… read more

Trend Report Education is a project run by the Initiative Schule im Aufbruch

Education benefits from an exchange between people, between institutions, between (learning) cultures, and between the various ways in which education can be experienced. This is why Schule im Aufbruch reports about exceptional educational projects. These projects are unique and extraordinary compared to their immediate environments. But they are also exemplary of worldwide trends. Moreover, they implement UNESCO’s four pillars of learning: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together. This is what we mean by Schule im Aufbruch.

Supporting Trend Report

The Trend Report is a continuous undertaking that aims to incorporate ever more innovative projects so that further trends can be identified. Work on the Trend Report is supported by WBS TRAINING AG. The Trend Report is funded entirely by donations and therefore evolves whenever YOU help us. Please donate on betterplace or contact us directly!

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