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Paris, France

For quite some time, the Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI) in Paris has offered a master’s degree that deals exclusively with new formats of teaching. The CRI was founded as a common institute by the Sorbonne and Université Paris Descartes. It was initially focused on integrating the life sciences with the natural and social sciences. The CRI now offers the degree programme EdTech in which students learn to invent educational games, to program, and to develop MOOCs (online courses) as well as unique curricula that also provide a framework with which to try out new teaching methods.

The course also includes a Game Lab and a MOOC factory as well as a programme that conducts high-level research with children ‘Les Saventouriers’. In addition to the EdTech master’s program, the CRI provides courses to students from different universities on subjects such as ‘learning playfully’, ‘the innovative mediation of knowledge’, ‘co-design’ and ‘the practical philosophy of education’.



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