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Stockholm, Sweden

Egalia is based on the idea that education should not be gender-specific. The organisation runs a nursery and a preschool in Sweden. The people behind Egalia are convinced that making distinctions between the sexes classifies people and forces them into predetermined roles – even in childhood. Normally, carers and teachers behave differently towards girls and boys and this strengthens gender roles.

In contrast, Egalia ensures that they do not use gender-specific pedagogical approaches or objects. Moreover, the issue of gender is not even addressed, and adults take care that it plays no role in the activities they organise. Moreover, the parents and educators believe that it is particularly important that the children learn to support each other, to recognise their own feelings and to develop empathy. Therefore special discussion rounds are set up that mainly focus on feelings, commonalities and environmental issues. Love is also discussed (without linking it to gender). In addition, time is made available every week to focus on dance, movement, art and theatre, but also subjects such as mathematics and language. The aim is to ensure that children learn that every person is unique and valuable, and that it is more important to live according to their own principles than to attempt to constantly meet other people’s expectations. This approach is strengthened by the fact that the adults also apply these ideals.









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