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MIT, Cambridge, US

Fab Labs are open development workshops that provide access to modern production technologies to anyone who needs them. If you want to design or produce something, Fab Labs not only provide you with the knowledge to do so, but access to tools and technologies such as 3D printers, laser cutters and CAD software.

These open workshops are particularly important where access to technology is complicated by regional, financial and other constraints. Consequently, Fab Labs in developing and emerging economies can contribute towards solving local problems. But they can also play an important role in industrial countries, because spaces outside of schools are also needed for applied science. Fab Labs can thus become playful places of innovation that can be used to develop technical solutions to global problems.

The Fab Academy teaches people how to set up new Fab Labs. The headquarters also assists in the establishment of Fab Labs in accordance with its own guidelines: open access for all, dependable basic technical equipment, and participation in the international network. Currently, Fab Labs are popping up throughout the world, and all belong to the international network.







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