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Melbourne, Australia

The Slow School of Business is directed at people who want to start or have already started a business aimed at making the world a better place. Many members of the community – learners and teachers – are ‘corporate escapees’, people who have worked in industry and who are looking for alternatives.

At the Slow School of Business, everyone is understood as a teacher/learner and as a source of inspiration. The courses are usually kept short and particularly focus on the practical implementation of what has been learned. An essential element of learning is holding inspiring speeches that require the students to conduct a deep analysis of themselves and their goals, and these speeches are also seen as the basis for further success. During the four-day course ‘Talk on Purpose’, which is held along the lines of the TED Talks, the participants learn to develop the matters they are focusing on as part of well-structured, inspirational speeches that are then broadcast on the school’s own YouTube channel and that also act as effective marketing strategies.

The Slow School of Business was founded on the principles of courage, consciousness, compassion, connection and co-creation. It sees itself as a place that promotes bold but honest learning and action.









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