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San Francisco, United States

The game ‘World without Oil’ simulates a global oil crisis and the impact that this would have on people and the world’s regions. It is based on the idea that we can help shape a better future by playing through specific scenarios rather than merely talking about them theoretically. The game simulates the first 32 weeks of a world without oil. During the game, the players actually try to live without oil. The players often blog about their experiences and provide rich stories, videos and reports alongside their locally-developed solutions. Clearly then, ‘World without Oil’ is not just an online game, rather, it leads its players to make specific changes to their real lives. For example, they might stop driving to work, or only eat locally produced food. The game requires its players to search for alternatives to living with oil, and to share and further develop them. The game itself serves as a hub for news, and notifies players about oil prices and developments in the market.

Many players have reported that the game led them to make permanent changes to their lives. Importantly, the game is so simple that players can participate via e-mail or telephone. In fact, anyone can play, and material is available online so that the game can be integrated into teaching material.







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